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Born in 1976 in Zams / Tyrol. After the training was to study – Journalism / MUK – in planning for the future, at least considering – but attracted firstonce the money. So the thought was to prolong the existence of a long time only as a student, suspended for some time. Instead, it is followed insights into the gastronomy and a 10-year-long activity as an entrepreneur.

Finally, in 2004, I completed my studies and began as a volunteer my journalistic career. Temporary employment under compulsory four months are due every young editor contractually followed. From 2007, I was part of the creative 1. investigative news magazine in Austria. As a result, I took over in 2009 as Chief Executive Officer at Grind Media. To this day I am working again freelancing for various media, companies and institutions. The strategic media consulting forms my favorite activity.


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Stephan Pfeifhofer
Schwöbing 19A
8665 Langenwang

+43 (0) 720 517 123

journalist, communication expert, media trainer


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Working as freelancer journalist on different investigation storys around austria. For example some unseriose activity in the austrian family court an justice system, since 2003.

Further information and contact details for whistleblower look at investigativ.tel